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Nava Semel, an internationally acclaimed creator from Israel, attained in her novel the very best degree of artwork. She provides the visitors an unbelievable intriguing story, which grips us to our roots, even extended after we finish examining it.

If you have not created the media you then It's also advisable to specify in which you discovered it, i.e., generally url to the web site where you acquired it, and also the terms of use for content material from that website page. Should the material is often a spinoff of a copyrighted perform, you'll want to source the names as well as a licence of the initial authors likewise.

הם אמרו לי שאין כזה דבר פטור - פטור הוא תמיד דחיה של האגרה!

cc-by-sa-all to release it beneath the multilicense GFDL in addition Innovative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike All-Edition license or PD-self to release it into the public area. See Commons:Copyright tags for the complete listing of copyright tags you could use.

מדובר בעירוני י"ד בשיכון דן בתל אביב. אני מעבירה את הנושא לטיפולך.

In her new edition the ה"אגדה" שמוסרת הסבתא מעוגנת במיתוס בריאת העולם, וממשיכrat demanded the present of laughter in the Creator, due to the fact he needed much to resemble human beings - "those developed because of the Divine Image"[6]. בחירתו של העכברוש כגיבור הנרטיב מאפשרת לסבתא ריחוק מן המאורעות, כמו גם שימוש בלשון סימבולית ומטאפורית אשר נהירה לה ולקורא, אך נותרת מוסתרת מנכדתה בת השתים עשרה. סיפור האונס המתמשך מוסט אל שולי הנרטיב, והופך לעלילת משנה.Selecting a rat as being the protagonist allows the outdated Woman to distance herself in the tragic and unpleasant events, together with applying symbolic and metaphoric language which makes it easier for your receiver to reply to, nevertheless simultaneously it continue to hides the brutal specifics.

You should try to remember to respond to and – if proper – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which center on the nominator will not have an impact on the results of the nomination. Thank you!

Be aware that any unsourced and untagged images is going to be deleted a single week when they have already been uploaded, as explained on conditions for quick deletion.


If you developed this file, you should Be aware that The point that it has been proposed for deletion isn't going to essentially imply that we don't benefit your type contribution. It only means that a single person believes that there's some particular trouble with it, for instance a copyright issue.

The Visible diff Resource was formulated with the visual editor. It is currently available to all end users on the Visible editor as well as 2017 wikitext editor. Whenever you assessment your variations, you can toggle among wikitext and visual diffs.

You should try to remember to respond to and – if acceptable – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which focus more info on the nominator is not going to influence the results of the nomination. Thank you!

This picture shows Vienna (=Wien) not Nuremberg. (the identical photo /larger and with headline along with the Tale) It can't be Nuremberg, for the reason that from 1499 to 1850 it wasn't permitted there for Jewish individuals to be a citizen.

Make sure you remember to answer and – if suitable – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which deal with the nominator will never impact the results of the nomination. Thank you!

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